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SG: Model? Year?


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Come on now. Your going to have to make a little more effort than one photo if you expect to get any help around here.


If you want factual information, I would suggest posting a series of detailed photos (dis-assembly is always helpful), and every number on every part of the guitar you can find.


Oh, and by the way....welcome to the website.

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No numbers that I've found yet. Nothing on the back of the headstock; and I don't recall seeing any numbers underneath the pickups when I last removed the guard. When I cut the string later this week (low budgets, ugh) I'll double check that. Also, I tried posting more pics but my upload quota was reached so that didn't work out; maybe you guys know whats up with that? Thanks though!

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Except for the covered pick-ups, it looks very much like the SG Special 3 pick-up faded model that was available in 2007.


6 Way Switch


2)Bridge and Middle


4)Middle and Neck


6)Neck and Bridge

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