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My 40th Gibson bday pressie ....


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Im turning the big 40 oh my god next month and poor Mrs EA was wrecking her brain what to get me for the big day.


I told her I wouold like something Gibson related, but not a guitar (yes I know, missed opprotunity but Im really not after a guitar at the moment, totally GAS free).


However Ive been trying to find a big print for my office of a Gibson acoustic, but must admit its been damn hard to find a professional print that can be blown up to around 60 inches to fit the wall.


Well I found one that I liked (it was meant to be a surprise, but Id rather make sure its something I like first)so she will be ordering this print of headstock from a J-180.


I think its very tasty, understated and I like it a lot.


when you go on the link go to 'size' and click 'extra large' and then see how it looks on the 'green' room example - very cool feature.


Looking forward to have this in the office soon ! :-)




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Well happy birthday, young man! I'd like to say I wish I was 40 again........but then again......NOT!


Good looking print! Here's another you might like.........




Happy Birthday!!


You have great taste Buc, that was my first option, however I could not blow this up to a size I wanted unfortunately.


This is however my desktop wallpaper pic on my Mac ...

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