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Anyone a Closet Yodeler ?


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Hello ! , , , didn't see that one comin'.

Bet she's the kind of woman who has been keeping men alive and killing them at the same time all her life.

Had to hold the horses here not to be drawn in. . . .

Imagine being awakened by a good clean Sunday morning yodel - not sure I could go the distance.

But how strong to see her on stage - vertical and glimmering !


Found a couple of other shots of this vintage flagship -




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My old man can yodel, in fact he can yodel with the best of them, he saw it in a film when he was really young, he's in his 80's now, always dusts it down now & then for a laugh, lets be honest it is hilarious, anyway, I quite enjoy it from that perspective, any time I see/hear it I think of my old man and have a wee laugh to myself.

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fiew, not my cup of tea. And all the talking at the start...pffff.

But, never the less, I cannot Yodel (my aunt can, as we hear every Xmas...grrrr)



off topic, about the talking: We even called Phil Anselmo a whiner when he talked 30 seconds at a Pantera concert, lol, he didn't liked that.

I don't like it when singers start to preach and giving advice and proclaim stuff. A few good oneliners, an rock on!

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