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I've been playing guitar for 3 years now and gotten quite good quite quickly. I have a Squier Strat (cheapest model) and I would like to save up for a Les Paul. The guitars I've been looking at were: 1. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro.


2. Gibson Les Paul Junior


The Epiphone is made in Asia (Not sure where) so it will have no value later on in life. But it is more versatile than the JR.

The Gibson is an American-made so it would be worth something when I get old. But it only has 1 tone and 1 volume so I won't get that much difference in the tone.

The satin model is cheaper so I'd be saving up for that and it will look used later on which I want.


I play Blues and Rock (Led, Rolling Stones, Sabbath, Black Keys etc.) and would prefer a P90/HB.


Please say your opinions or other options.

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I am not a big fan of Epiphones but some love them.


Actually, the new Epiphone Les Pauls are quite impressive.


Many improvements made in hardware, electronics, etc..


Is it everything a "good" USA Gibson Les Paul could be, no, but they're also about 4 times the $$$


I would NOT rule one out if that's all I could afford


RockaRolla, advise that you wander over to the Epiphone pages (right here in this forum) and start asking around in there.


I would definitely think you would be happy with one, and have cash left over too-boot.


Good luck


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Check out the Gibson Les Paul Tributes and Les Paul Studio faded models at Thomann.de. They come with either two P90s or two Humbuckers for around EUR 639.


See link below for Thomann's Gibson electric guitar inventory in ascending price order:




I like that satin fireburst studio best:



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