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How many of you are Schizohrenic?


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A very interesting post...not to be taken too seriously <_<


IMX everybody has a tad of the schiz in them...many tests purport to measure this to a useful degree...


There have been many instances of striking art produced by patients...perhaps akin to the LSD experience


Looking at Picasso, Dali and other surrealists one can experience the distorted reality, pain, humour etc inherent in the human condition [biggrin]





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When my wife and I go to a restuarant and the waiter asks "Table for two?" I always say "No,a table for 4-we're schitzophrenic."That usually gets a puzzled look from the waiter or a laugh from the ones who are a bit more with it.

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That 8 legged elephant had me from the start. Does that clear me from Schizophrenia? [confused] I have enough to deal with w/o that. :rolleyes:


I don't think that schizophrenic's have different personalities. That's multiple personality disorder as I recall & I don't know which one of me has that. [biggrin]



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