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Hendrix is alive and well


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In popular mythology, Jimi Hendrix died in London in 1970. I found him alive and well--if a little roadworn, since he's the same age as Dylan--on a street corner in San Francisco last week. He was playing all his old stuff, and he still plays it well. As in the "Experience" days, he still plays with a trio including bass and drums, although his current sidemen are a lot younger than the ones he used to have would be today.


It's a far cry from the days of the Monster Marshalls, but he still sticks with the brand, now powered by a tiny gasoline generator.


He still plays really, really well, but something happened along the way. Instead of playing an upside-down righty Strat as a lefty, he now plays an upside-down lefty as a righty.


Or have I just stepped into a parallel universe?


Maybe it was that odd-tasting mushroom omelete I had eaten a couple of hours earlier.....





....and here's the rest of the group....



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