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Can I put an egnater head on a Vox ac15

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Hello, I was wondering if its possible to put a Egnater head and connect it it a vox ac15 and use the ac15 for a speaker and egnater for sound, just to mix things up sometimes


Hi Andrew,


Are you asking if you physically connect both egnater head, to the vox ac15 speaker terminals, along with the AC15's and have them BOTH hooked up and running simultaneously? and which ever one you plug into, it's wired up and ready to go?

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You can plug the egnater into the vox speaker. Make sure you plug the speaker into the right plug in the back of the amp. I think the AC15 speakers are 16 ohms. Plug it into the 16 ohm plug, or whatever the speaker is rated at.



I think the thing is, he's trying to hook a head up to the speaker terminals in the AC15.. and then just have both heads using THAT speaker simultaneously.


I can't say technically why cuz I'm not an amp tech..


but for some reason,


I just don't think this would work.. however, I've been wrong MANY times before..



and this is why God made ABY Switches!! :)

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I think he wants to use the Egnator head with the Vox speaker and bypass the Vox amp... There should be a way to do that. See how the speaker is wired to the head. If it is connected by a patch cord just un plug the speaker from the Vox amp. If it is hard wired/soldered you can install box that cuts the Vox amp from the speaker and install a female jack between the box and the speaker. You should be able to find everything you need at an electronics store. Tell them what you want to do and chances are someone can help you find all the parts...

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If you want to use the Egnater head with just the Vox's speaker, you can do that. We just did it with my buddy's exact same rigs the other day. The problem is, I can't remember exactly how we did it since it was more than two milliseconds ago.


If you have a newer, AC15C1, I think you can just plug the speaker cable from the 16 ohm output on the back of the Egnater head to the jack labeled "Extension Speaker", not the one labeled "External Speaker". But you would have to make sure the AC15 is turned off. I'm not sure if this is what we did, but it ought to work just fine. Just crank up the volume slowly and make sure it sounds reasonable before you crank it.



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