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Just back from shop


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I've just got home from the guitar shop where I have paid a deposit on an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro in Alpine White. Can't wait until Sunday when I can bring my new baby home.


Any other L.P. Custom Pro owners here?


Congratz! Hope you'll enjoy it, remember to post photos!!


I have bought my new LP Custom Pro Silverburst a month a go, loving it. The Probuckers are so fat and warm, it melts like butter on clean, but give you that grunt on dirty. The coil tap makes her very versatile guitar.


Only down side would be I love the '60 neck profile on my Tribute more. Other than that, the new Custom Pro is better value than the older models, IMHO. [thumbup]

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Congratulations sir. That is an excellent choice (and beautiful guitar might I add).


I personally don't own one, but I've got a friend who does and I used to use his all the time during random jam sessions. It was like playing a guitar built by God himself using leftover materials from the Pearly Gates.



....It's that good.

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