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God Bless Ya, Eddie.....


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EVH had another health problem, emergency surgery and I wish him the best.


We're about the same age, have the same taste in music, have had a lot of the same problems, and although he made it "rich and famous" never really seemed to be any happier than I. He played stadiums, I played bars.


I feel ADKOT is a very good rock album for them, and that Wolfie is a bad-*** young bassist that will just continue to get better.


I always worry when people with extreme drug/alchohol problems appear to be getting straight for real, because so often they are then taken from us.


Here's wishing you many, many good years ahead Eddie.


Murph and the Gibson Forums.

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Yes...all the best Eddie [thumbup]


Personally I'm not a huge fan but can acknowledge E's originality, hard work and inspiration to many following guitarists [thumbup]


A reminder to the impressionable of the long term issues with drugs and alcohol


Get well soon


And continue to rock your socks off...





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I wish the best to him, his family, and the band.


His health was the reason for the tour cancellations. NOT DLR/band problems like many assumed. Eddie wanted to keep his problems low-key (who wouldn't?). Can't blame him, as this is the era of intense propaganda and "famous people drama" that spreads like a virus due to modern media and the Internet. Only those who really care for him should know. Most everyday people that aren't rock music lovers (the average American these days I suppose) don't need to know.


If I was a musician of his status and was very sick, I would stay low and keep my problems within my inner circle. The world wouldn't need to know about my personal problems.

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