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The game is "Where Are They Now" who first posted this? :-k


I was asked recently, "what music do you like?" right after I said, "I play guitar."

Now I got to thinking, "does she want to know what music I play and just ASSUMES I would play the music I listen to?"


Then I realized that I listen to some stuff that is SO hard to imitate, I couldn't fool myself into attempting it, unless I quit my job and my master's program.


I want to ask you all this, has your desire to learn a particular style or piece ever been thuarted by the limitations of your talent?

Is there something you wish you could play but don't even have the courage to attempt or have attempted but fail so utterly you just don't go there?


For example, I love metal. The speed and precision of it would demand the sort of practice I don't have time for. I play folk and punk instead, genres I love as much but feel more comfortable attempting

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