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'Tis not for me though, it is for my youngest sons birthday which technically is not until the end of the month.

Picked it up early though so it would not be sold.

It is the 2012 PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow

Got it in the natural color.


I have a SE Custom 24 on order for myself, and I was going to get him one of these too, but he likes the semi-hollow one.

PRS SE Custom 24


Giving him the hardshell case I had reserved for my Custom 24, but I have another one on order from Sweetwater which will be here later.

Same PRS case that I have for the Santana.


Had the shop put on Ernie Ball Cobalts (I run these on all of my guitars, best strings out there IMO), and I had them put on the same tuners I have on my guitars, the Planet Wave Autotrims in nickel.

Autotrim tuners

Amazon carries these, that is where I get them


I will be adding myself to his guitar the Schaller Strap Locks.

I get these from Amazon also

I run these on all of my guitars too.


And last but not least, got him the TC Poly Tuner.

TC Electronics Poly Tune


Quite different than my Peterson Stomp Tuner, as the Poly Tune one you can strum all of your strings at once, and it will show you which are flat/sharp.


Here are a few pictures of his new guitar, it is on the far right next to the cords.

I am going to use the Virtuoso polish on it this weekend, and it will be even prettier.

I have played it without an amp and with my amps, and it sounds very nice.

These PRS SE guitars are very nice for the money being well under a grand for most of their models.


Hopefully my Custom 24 lands at the shop after the holiday weekend.











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I picked up an SE Custom in July. I LOVE it! I play it at every gig. It's become my main guitar. Sounds sweet and plays so well!

You got the 24 or the Custom Semi-Hollow?

If the former, was it strange going from 22 to 24 frets?

I have never played a 24 fret one before.


I did not even play any of my other guitars yesterday, I played his off and on throughout the whole evening while catching the new Dr. Who and then Battleship the movie.

I may have to add the semi-hollow after I get my 24.


I ended up using the Virtuoso Polish on it in the afternoon too, made the finish pop out even more.

It sure looks pretty in the natural finish.





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I have six Gibsons, but I got to tell you that is a nice guitar. Note: I also have 3 PRS models, I play them all, but my PRS Hollowbody 2 custom order is the King of the Hill. When in doubt on which guitar to play or having tired fingers I alaways grab one of the PRSs.

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Thanks, I am really taking to it.

Going to hate to give it up :D


Sounds like you have a nice collection.

I hope to add a US PRS to my herd one day too, just undecided on which one to get.

Many think these SE ones play nearly as nice, and a lot are swapping out the pickups to the US ones or other brands.

I think the ones they put in the SE models sounds very good though.


Question, this is the first semi hollow one I have played I think.

I have played a true hollow body like an ES 335 and Harmony's long ago, but never a semi.

When I got this home I noticed only the chamber right below the F hole is open, the rest is closed or solid.

It resonates a little more than a true solid body like my SE Santana and SG, but what is the purpose of the semi?

To cut back on feedback?

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