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Epiphone Les Paul Junior Double Cutaway?


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Why doesn't Epiphone make these anymore?

I've seen pictures of them (mostly in the TV Yellow) and they look like an awesome alternative to the Single Cutaway model.


Personally, I use a few Epiphone Guitars (Les Paul 100, Les Paul Jr, and Acoustic DR model) and I love the quality I get with these low cost instruments. Why did they stop making the double cutaway? I'd love to buy one, does anybody know where?


I know they're considered "beginner guitars" but truthfully, my Les Paul Jr is a really good instrument. It's held it's own just fine. It's no Gibson of course, but that's why I like it. It was a cheap and very reliable guitar that cost a little over $100. I'd like to add the double cutaway to my collection of Epiphones if possible.


I know Gibson makes the Jr's in double cutaway, but they're pretty pricey.


Maybe if we spark enough interest, they'll consider bringing them back ;)


If anyone knows any information, please let me know!

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