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what would you get next?


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so what kind of les paul would you get next, or what are you already saving for?


the next guitar i would want would be a les paul custom with three pickups in black, which i would then put a gold bigsby on and see if i could find one of those jimmy page 6 way switch's. i would also possibly switch out the bridge and neck pickups for the same type i have on my current guitar because they just sound so awesome.

while i would like an actual jimmy page black beautie it is way out of my price range, mostly cause it's got his name on it.

ph and it would have to have a mahagony top too i love that lead tone from a mahagony top and back. i have played one LP with that it it sounded so awesome.

as far as being an awesome guitar for electronics and stuff, i also just love how the black and gold go together. espeacilly with the gold bigsby. it just looks awesome, hard core but also a bit refined and classy.

hmm i wonder what it would look like if i replaced the pickup rings with gold ones because the neck and bridge PUs would be uncovered.

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Tim's R9 when he gives it to me! I love my two Les Pauls. At this point in my life if I see/hear a guitar that I like, then I'll buy it. It took me nearly a year before I decided on the Premium Plus. So, I'm just going to sit back, play a bunch of them, and when "the one" (to use Axe's words) sings to me then I'll get it. All I know is that my next purchase will be another Gibson. For now, I'm enjoying the ride....

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then ian's momma


She's quite cheap' date=' y'know.


At the moment my list consists of:

- Les Paul Custom (Natural with Maple fretboard...suck it)

- Reverse V (to replace the one I sold...suck it again)

- an old beater J-45

- Les Paul Custom (Silver Sparkle...okay, I opened myself up for ridicule here, go ahead...)

- Gretsch White Falcon

- ...and another 1960 Lead Cab


It'll probably take me the next decade to check all those off...meh. What can I say? I'm a lowly working musician who plays *GASP* [i']Standard USA models[/i].

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My readers digest condensed version in a somewhat chronological order:


-beater tele- beat

-SG special- ebony or mahogany, ebony board- convert to p90s and a bigsby

-1978 strat- olympic white or black, maple board- birth year strat

-es-339- light caramel burst

-Flying v- natural or custom finished in gold or red sparkle (sorry to cop your thing ian) I love me some sparkle

-70's Ibanez agent tobacco burst

-LP custom 68 ri triburst

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My next is a SG Standard or an American Standard Strat (whichever comes in first... the SG I ordered already, as you have to preorder them here, the strat, I am just trying as many as come in so I can chose the one I like most, at this rate tho, I'll be getting the strat first, that SG is taking damn long to arive)

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