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Gibson 3 pickup rewire 3 way switch problem


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Can anyone explain the terminals on this 3 way? Dont know what the 2 on the left in the photo go two. In the right side of the photo from the bottom up Ive got, white bridge pickup/faded red hot from input jack/yellows ground/then bright reds neck pickup. The black and green on the left got me puzzled. I could pull all 3 pickups to find out but thought maybe someone would know.




Im going to rewire a 3 vol 1 master tone like in the diagram below



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if you are going to do the new way, then you need to get a new switch with less poles. in this configuration you wire the neck and bridge as if there were no middle pickup, then the volume for the middle one will blend it into any position.


the stock switch has the extra poles for the middle pickup so it can be wired differently.

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