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In case anyone is interested in how bad things that happen are really opportunities to make good things happen....


Some of you may know that I was doing one of my first recordings using some new gear I purchased recently, Tascam DP008 and M-Audio monitors. I was just about finished covering Stand By Me as a demo of my poor skills when I stupidly reformatted the media that held all the song tracks. I easilly spent 8 hours getting it to that point. So I suck it up and try to start again when mt PC crapped out and I had to reformat and reinstall everything I needed on it. Dealing with Dell and Microsoft Tech Support is no fun.


So I finally get it back together and have a problem with Fender Fuse software that helps run a practice amp I use, a GDEC3-30. So I spend a few hours making that work and when I do a final test to see if it all works somehow inspiration hits me. I play a few chords and then expand on them and my gosh I have a new song here. I develop it a bit and lyrics come to me. At least, and best of all, the hook!!

I quickly lay it down on a Tascam DR07mk II which is a hand held digital recorder.

I play it back through the monitors and... damn that is a great chord progression and the hook with lyrics is so cool and the ideas just start to flow.


So now I am commited to make this tune happen!! It's gonna take me a while to record it properly and I hope to post it here so you all can destroy me with your comments.


I just wanted to follow up on another thread I started about recording by a newbie producer.

I am way excited about this so please stay tuned.

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