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Considering buying a Les Paul Jr Double Cutaway


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I'm considering buying a Les Paul Jr Special Double Cutaway.

I've found it listed for as little as $899 brand new.


I've got 3 Les Pauls at this point (Gibson Standard, Epiphone 100, and Epiphone Jr). I love the sound and feel of the Les Paul and this guitar caught my eye today.


Does anybody own this guitar? If so, how do you like it?

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Thanks Versatile!


That gives me a little more faith in my decision.


I'm excited I found one at a decent price. I've always wanted a Double Cut Les Paul, but could never find one in my price range.

Hopefully I'll have the same kind of experience you had with your D/C (even though they're different guitars).


I've got two Gibson's already (a Standard Les Paul and a Faded SG) and they're both phenominal guitars. So from previous experience, I know that quality will not be an issue. Gibson has not let me down yet.


The only thing I'm worried about is the tone. I believe it comes with P-90 pickup's. I'm also considering a Billie Joe Armstrong signature for $1200 with a single H-90. Which do you think is the better pickup?

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Cheers adam...


I can only speak from experience with the Gibson P90...(in my ES330)...which is a great classic sound(Casino)...


IMO the LP Junior single P/U guitars are very simple and somewhat limited in tone...great for hi-gain punk styles


It is always preferable to try guitars out extensively if unsure...with one's own amp if possible...


The other aspect to consider is the relatively lightweight D/C body, which for some can make the guitar feel neck heavy...


All the more reason for a 'hands on' trial...





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That's true. I guess it would be best to try it out first haha.


I know Gibson has a 2 pick up "Les Paul Jr Special Double Cutaway", which was actually the one I was looking at.

I just wish my local music store carried it. I found this one browsing on the Gibson website looking for an Epiphone version of the D/C Jr. After I did a little research I found online that Musiciansfriend has it fairly cheap new compared to what the list price is.


I have an Epiphone single cut already and it actually surprised me. I was thinking it was gonna be more of a decoration on my wall than anything else, but it turned out to be a nice little guitar (especially for $100). It's obviously not as good as either of my Gibsons, but the quality is not bad on it at all. I was hoping Epiphone made a double cut version, but apparently they stopped production on that in like '92 or '93. It would've been nice to get one for less than $200 haha.


I do play a lot of "punk" that's another reason I wanted one :) While punk is not the only style I'll play, I do enjoy jamming to everything from The Sex Pistols to Green Day. I know Billie Joe Armstrong uses one, and honestly that was kind of what inspired me to start researching the guitar. I don't necessarily want his signature guitar (I know it's offered), but I wanted something similar.


I wish there was a Guitar Center in my area, but the closest one is about 75 minutes away haha. Do you think if I tried the Gibson Les Paul Jr Special Single Cut I'd get a good idea on how the double cut would sound? I believe they're pretty much the same guitar except one's a single cut and one is a double cut. I could be wrong though.

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