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I have to say Walk The Line is my favorite.


Pure Country with George Straight was my prior favorite but I wore it out to much as a kid


Great balls of fire about Jerry lee Lewis.....yea [thumbup]


Coal miners daughter


Your Cheating Heart where George Morgan played Hank Williams comes to mind. But I remember being turned off by the singing voice being Hank Jr. Was radically different than dads voice

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I haven't seen either - and had planned to watch both. Glad I only need to watch one now haha. Which one did you prefer?


I much preferred The Wrestler. I thought Crazy Heart was only OK. I watched it shortly after The Wrestler and was rather bemused by how much the theme and premise is similar to the other movie, just different genre. To me it was a copy.


Copy issues aside, I still thought The Wrestler was the stronger film out of the two taken at face value.

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Spinal Tap (lets call it a Rockumentary if you will) :)

Crossroads (just for the guitar duel at the end)

It Might Get Loud


And is stretching it a bit but Schook of Rock is pretty funny :)


I also like the Biographies mentioned.. Also Ray (Charles) and Whats Love Got to Do with It (Tina Turner) were both pretty good.



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anyone seen a movie about gram parsons manager stealing his body in order to complete a pact they made by setting fire to it in the joshua tree desert ?

called 'grand theft parsons'

hilariously funny movie , highly recommend that one


the commitments made me laugh a lot .

and once.


Funniest music movie ever to me ... not for everyone ... but if you are a GP or FBB fan ... ya gotta see this ..... loose with the facts. Watch for the last scene. The guy coming out of the police station is actually GP's manager, the protagonist of the movie.


Also guys, don't forget the Last Waltz (if that qualifies).

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