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Guitar Lesson -The White Stripes


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I have always wanted to learn this song, and I found a good example on the 'Tube.



Is this the way you would play it?

I would think instead of doing the single notes in the riff all on the 5th string, that one could do them lower on the neck on a few strings.


Anyways, I was messing around with my sons new guitar yesterday and using the Digitech Drop Tune Whammy pedal, and one of the features on the right side (drop tunings and lower/upper octaves) is to play your original note and an octave lower, and it sounded very cool with just the single notes of the riff.


If anyone has a better way to play this, I would enjoy hearing/seeing it.


PS, found another one, but I am not into the retuning :D

This guy retunes the whole guitar pretty much, not just dropping it an octave.


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AFAIK the song is played in standard tuning. Start on E. The way White gets that low sound is using the octave down function on a Whammy pedal.


And yes, no slide = fail.

A cool, that is how I did it.

Have not tried a slide.

Bought one a month back from Amazon, little to small.

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If I am brave enough, I may make a short vid of me playing this over the weekend.


Meanwhile, I found a nice video online of Jack and wife playing live, and he is rocking an acoustic guitar.




I also find to play the riff it is easier for me to not just use the 5th string like that guy in the first video I posted, but to go lower on the frets and use a couple of strings.

Sounds pretty cool when using the Whammy Drop Tune to play the original note and an octave lower.


Have not really messed around to much with that pedal until this song.

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PS, someone I am pretty sure posted this video a few months back, and it was one of the coolest vids I had seen in a long time.

For a two member band, they sure made some unique music together.

I like the intro to "Its going to get loud" where he builds a guitar and the cows are looking on.



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I have the song down now pretty good.

My Blu-Ray of "It Might Get Loud" also showed up yesterday.

Have seen it on TV, but I wanted my own copy.


Also going to figure out their Button song as in the video I posted above.

There are some I have looked at already.



I found this "copy" of the official Button song amusing.



From reading on other sites, The White Stripes are kind of looked down upon.

I think their music is awesome for just two players, and you can see the passion in Jack's playing.

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