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I'm playing there Saturday night. I can't believe it seeing that it is an icon from the 60's. Anyway wish me luck.

Some of the technical stuff I learned here just by reading over the last few years [thumbup] .

We'll play 2 of my originals as well as 2 of our drummers and 2 covers. We're called The Cover Story News (even though we're playing mostly originals)

We get to play 1/2 hour as a back up to southern rock band. [-o<

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That's great Tman.

I've heard that the Whiskey is a pay to play gig.

Is that still true. Just wondering.

Hopefully your band will be a big hit.

Good luck man.


Cman it is. When we first tried to get a spot there and got it over a few other bands, I wrote an email to the rest of the band and said "Hell to play on the same stage that Jimi Hendrix onced played or folks as famous as the Doors and Guns and Roses, I'd pay them" Then the sax player said that's what you're doing. Then he backed out.

Still a thrill for this aging rocker.

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[biggrin] We practiced last night. 1/2 hour goes by so quickly but they are going to be sticklers for staying on time. We actually sold all of our tickets so we'll even make some money, very little but hey. I'll post one of our originals.


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Do tell. Do tell.

We want all of the selacious details.

Did you guys burn your drummer?

Did the roadies get in a fight with the security?

Did LAPD end up storming the place and arresting the singer?

Did a psychobitz groupie from hell follow you home?

Come on Tman, what really happened at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go Saturday night?

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It was fantastic! I had a friend visiting from Arkansas who rented a limo so we parked out front and got out and people thought I was a firkin rock star because of my clothes! I felt like one. The sound guy was great and they've invited us back to be headliners in November. We sold 75 tickets out of 50 needed. Yes we ain't GnR but not bad for a start. The video is still being dealt with so I will post. Work's been a bear but thanks for asking! It was dream come true.

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John Lennon? Really?

Looks more like Don Johnson in Miami Vice. [flapper]

Glad ya' had a great time Tman.

Sorry I couldn't make the show. I was caught up in a wild football game Saturday afternoon.

Can't wait to see the video.


That's hilarious Cman!

I can't wait to see the video either. They were super strict about filming and yet their film crew wasn't available. They wouldn't let my wife film. The person that did film hasn't shown it yet. [crying]

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Glad you guys had a great time.


Great move with the limo.


Nice pics.


Yep, Cali-man nailed the look - MV.


Looking forward to the vid. . B)





Thanks Big K. We did a version (one of 3 covers that night) of Peter Green's "Need Your Love So bad". Almost seems cliche but after I wailed on a solo from the very beginning and my older brother, retired pilot, came up and said "little bro, you kicked butt", I was very pleased! Very special night and I am screaming for video docu.


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