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1930's SJ 200 Update


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i like it a lot!


what's the story, are you thinking of buying it or did you order it and it's on its way? it's hard to tell from the picture but is that a rosewood fretboard or ebony?



JC ,




Specs :



Gibson 75th Anniversary 1930’s SJ-200 Limited Edition



1938 Era Headstock Shape

Gibson 1938 Script Logo

Vintage Style Gold Imperials Tunning Machines

Period Correct Truss Rod Cover

25 ½” Scale Lenth

Bone Nut

Mother of Pearl Crown Inlays

4 Bar Prewar Moustache™ Bridge

Maple Neck with Bursted Lacquer Finish

Adirondack Red SpruceTop

Hide Glued Bracing

Figured Rosewood Back and Sides

Prewar Multi Bound Binding

Multi-layer Prewar Rosette

Ebony Fingerboard

Hand Painted Replica 1938 Pickguard

Double Antique Vintage Sunburst Finish

Solid Bone Bridge Pins

Global Limited Edition of 75 Rosewood J200's

Custom Vintage Label

Signed Certificate of Authenticity




Limited Edition Faux Ostrich Custom Hardshell Case with Built-in Hygrometer

Signed Certificate of Authenticity







God Bless



note : It's not going to ship . I'm going to ask Fuller's to keep it pristine at the store . Since I am returning to the US soon after many years





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I may not have explained myself very well . Upon my return to the states I'm going to pick this guitar up and it will get alot of play time =)

but right now I really don't wanna stress over if it is going to be broken in shipping or import duty or any of that stuff .


@NIck thanks alot my friend . I am waiting to see your next choice of guitar























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Wow, impressive JC, I don't think I could wait that long and take the shipping option, with insurance.


And the price tag ... Me thinks around $5k ?


@EA Well as lefty you learn to wait =) $5800 was the price . It was probably a once in a life time thing so I took the plundge





thanks for the kind words





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JC - is that Indian rosewood b/s ...or, dare I say it ..Brazilian ..??

Gibson has not used Brazilian Rosewood since May of 2003 on anything for any reason. That is a company decision made by Gibson's owner who is on the board of the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is an enviromental watchdog group that supports the Cites ban on Brazilian Rosewood. That is the reason that the government lawsuit on Gibson using illegal wood is so troubling. Henry would never knowingly use any wood that is endangered. He also imposed a company restriction on using Madagascar Rosewood well before it became added to the Cites list of endangered wood.

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I keep going back to those pix... I really like the way the back of the neck is finished. You've really got a beauty JC.


I did this because I am really tired of lefty injustice ... I hope one day when I am old a lefty picker who wants a really stunning guitar to play can find this one somewhere. I mean I am going to play it alot and wear it down ... but it will be cool for someone who longs for a quality instrument and beautiful looking guitar to find this . I am also planning to order a pair of lefty USA Gretsch guitars a penguin and a 6120 in the next few months because of the same reasons ... it just sucks that you walk into a vintage guitar store and there is 57 58 and 59 les paul's and 55 and 57 penguins and white falcons for rightys but nothing spectacular for lefys.



well for once I though of every lefty in the world who wants something stunning myself included . you are welcome to download the pictures =)




God Bless



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You should get a leather bound notebook with quality paper that will fit in the pick pocket to keep with the guitar.. in fact maybe get it now. Keep notes in it about the guitar and your ownership of it. Pass it along with the guitar when you kick off... hopefully full of dcades of experiences. It'd be very cool for the person who gets that beauty many years from now to have a history of the guitar.

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Juan..it looks like a beauty.

$5800 is a lot of money but the little Lowden I bought in 2009 was $2k more...and it looks like a nun compared to that J200.

I think that is a lot of guitar for the money.


Im not that convinced the US made Gretsch is much better than the Japanese ones. Better try a bunch of them (if lefty).

...I have a Japanese short Scale 120th Anniversary my beloved bought me in honor of George Harrison on my birthday Feb 2004 and the pickups are magic (TV Jones Pickups)..get those pickups.


Thanks for those pictures.

One day after you play at it for 6 months make a comparison audio between your maple one & this. : )

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