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The Golden God "Plant" and "Rod" the Mod should be wizards in the next Lord of the Rings movie. But all the jokes aside I hope I still have some face left when I'm 65! When you think about all the partying these guys did.... Its a wounder they are alive. LOL! And pause for respect to the one's that didn't make it to become old........

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Well, I'm past 65 and still have a face. It's just crinklier than it was at 22 - and heavier by 15 pounds. I was still about 145 back then; now pretty much between 160 and 165. The pix on my avatar is at 65 a cupla years ago.


Genetics have something to do with it as well as lifestyle. Ditto your weight and what genetics would do with adding or subtracting when it comes to your face. On the other hand, Ozzie looks as if one way or another he got a poor set of storebought teeth.


I dunno. I guess I prefer having the creases to the idea of the only memory of my face being at age 27 before my funeral 40 years ago.


I just did a piece on a WWII guy who was a pilot on the Doolittle Raid in 1942. He made it home for local honors, then crashed his plane near London preparing for work in the European theater - 70 years ago this November. He'll tonight be inducted into the state's aviation hall of fame, in a sense forever young.



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What saddens/annoys me somewhat is the pressure for cosmetic surgery nowadays


More for women than men in general


I guess Mick 'n Keef and possibly Alice are 'as per original'


But who knows?...maybe they have had 'wrinkle enhancements' :blink:





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