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Coming soon - New Guild hollowbody - T-500


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I thought this might be interesting for some members. I've owned a few Guilds over the years and currently have a X-700 - I try to keep up with whats going on there and thought I would share this here.


After the FMIC take over leading to years of no Guild electric production, Guild quietly marketed 18 GSR Starfire VI guitars earlier this year - kind of a market test I guess. (GSR stands for Guild Special Run) Looks very much like a 335. Guild says it's a blending new and vintage-style design elements - a modern interpretation of the classic model.





Now they've announced another - the T-500. Here's the copy on it: The Guild GSR T-500 is a limited production hollow-body electric guitar produced in Guild’s New Hartford factory featuring a spruce top with maple back and sides, two Duncan Franz P-90 pickups, gold hardware including a Bigsby tailpiece, Gotoh tuners and a Graphtech bridge, with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish. MSRP is $4,999.99 including a hardshell case. Available soon.





<UPDATE> Now there's also the GSR X-180



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The T-500 seems to be a retread of the DE-500 Duane Eddy.


I had one of these many years ago, but the neck was so extremely skinny that I couldn't stand to play it for more than a few minutes. Too bad, because it was an attractive guitar otherwise.


Danny W.

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I thought this might be interesting for some members.

BK - Thanks for posting this. Was not aware of Fender currently doing anything along these lines. I've always had a soft spot for Guilds, having owned an F20, F30, F40, and D40 in the '70s (strictly acoustic in those days!)

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So...I have to ask why can't Gibson reproduce the ES-350T in this price range? I have a beautiful new ES-335 w/Bigsby and I love it but an ES-350T with P90's would be awesome!!!! [thumbup]


If Guild can do it why can't Gibson do it?



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