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My Gibsons love Lionhearts


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Serious. Best tone Ever for heavy blues rock. Have an '81 L6s, a ' 95 Les Paul Classic, an '05 SG Classic and a '12 SG Standard P90. Also have a Fender Telecaster customized like Jeff Beck's "Gibtele".


Through either of my Laney Lionheart combos, and I only ever use the Overdrive channel, ( I have the 5 watt 1x12 and the 20 watt 4x10) I get the tone I have long sought- going on 27 years now. Add my pedal board (Fulltone Soulbender 2, Fulltone Octafuzz, BBE freq boost, Budda Budwa, BBE tremor and EH Memory Boy) and I feel unstoppable with this rig. P90s and buckers alike just SING.


Have always had a thing for British Amps- Laney and Gibson is a match made in Heaven (or Hell)!!! (Nods to the Black Sabbath crowd)

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Welcome to the


Those Who Dig Laneys




They are indeed good IMO...I particularly like/use the VC30 and LH50...and use a Prism for practice...


I was tempted by the Lionhearts...just a bit too small for my purposes...


And my PA is a Laney too...very portable and clear sounding... [thumbup]





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