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If you ask me, it started right at the beginning! Rory has long been a favorite of mine, was lucky enough to see him twice in my life, once circa 1976 and once in 1991. Both remain as two of the best live concerts I've ever seen, the first in a movie theater in East Lansing Michigan (January 31, 1976 according to his tour log I just looked up). General admission seating, bitter cold, we waited outside for several hours as the band had difficulty making it (I think it was plane trouble?) and were a couple hours late. Made up for it by playing their collective asses off for about 3-4 hours.


Second one was in a bar in Redford Michigan, 1991 (Key West Club). The Fire Marshall's limits were probably exceeded 3 fold or more, it was shoulder to shoulder and tight, if you wanted to work your way to the bar or restroom, it took about 20 minutes. Still, fantastic show promoting his latest release Fresh Evidence. He played for hours, then invited the guitarist from an earlier band to come up and jam (no doubt a highlight for him as well!). Awesome, wonderful performer. Still listen to him quite regularly (check out the clip below for one of my favorites).


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