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Do all those LP's sound significantly different from each other?



EDIT : That answer is unsatisfactory.


It really depends on what you mean by "significantly".


From one perspective the answer is No. From another the answer is Yes.


Does an LP, once amplified, sound 'significantly' different from an SG Standard? An Explorer? A Flying V? A 355? Or even from a Yamaha SG2000? A PRS Eagle?


Hearing them played you would probably not confuse any of them with a Strat or a Tele. They all sound like twin humbucker equipped electric guitars.


However even the pair of Historics - essentially built to 'exactly' the same criteria with exactly the same hardware (p'ups, pots, caps, fixtures and fittings) - sound surprisingly different from each other. Whether it is 'significantly' different is a matter of definitions. Tone-wise, they are quite distinct from one another (the others, both of which have different types of p'up, even more so).


Of course this tonal difference (between the R9 and R0) is most noticeable when the two instruments are A/B'd in isolation. In a live setting I doubt if anyone in the audience could tell or care.



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