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P90 Pickup Height


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On my special and my LP, I have the neck pups about flush with the body, and the bridge pups a little closer to the strings than the neck pups.


My personal opinion is that most problably have thier pups too high, as there is a perception that "louder is better". There is a point with MOST pups that once you get so close to the strings, it will choke out the tone and notes become slurred and they loose dynamics, clarity, and color. Some "hear" this as compression when the pups are too close.


Pups are designed to pick up a magetic field when the strings vibrate. When the magnets are real close (too close) there is a strong magnetic field present on the strings that may FEEL more reactive because it is more sensitive when you touch the strings, but if they are close enough it will actually prevent the pup from sensing a lot of the vibrations because the magnetic field of the poles is cancelling out string vibrations, OR, the ability of the pups to read the electrical signal produced by the vibrating strings is swallowed up by the magnetic field.


It may be louder, but the amount of "info" passing is far less.

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