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Can someone explain this guitar to me?

J-200 Koa

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Wierd...no feedback score and a funny checkmark I've never seen on anyones profile indicating 'ID verified'. I recall a few years back seeing a listing for a '53 D28 pictured in the hands of a kindly looking old gentleman sitting on a porch with a serene West Virginia mountain backdrop. Very legit looking list. I began asking questions through Ebay about the low asking price and somehow managed to get the seller to deal with me privately for a ridiculously low price. My heart raced and I walked away from the computer to see how fast I could gather the $$$. When I got back to Ebay there was no trace of the listing, even in my watch list. The offers kept coming though, through email, but suddenly the poor english and contradictory arrangements began to sink in to my brain. A well engineered scam listing that I still can't figure out.


I always appreciate being taught a good lesson when the subject is my own stupidity.

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Is there anyone in this world so stupid as to buy or bid

for this, based on a a few words and one photo which looks

like it was taken on a foggy day?


Yes, incoherent words, at that. Not to mention the bridge pins/holes appear to have been moved around in a slightly crescent arrangement.

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