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Modded Les Paul 100 Project finished


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I came into possession of a 1994 MiK Les Paul 100 last year, that just sat around my apartment for a while. It was unplayable; lots of fret issues, bad electronics, corroded hardware, holes where the strap pegs pulled out, and other damage. I figured I would eventually spend a little money and time to get it playable, so it sat until about mid-August, looking like this:




New Sperzel-type GFS tuners, CTS pots (with 50's wiring using braided leads), Switchcraft switch and output jack, Seymour Duncan SH-4/GFS Mean-90 pickups and PIO caps, a leveled, crowned and oiled fretboard, holes plugged and redrilled/new strap pegs installed, replacement bridge, black speed knobs, and Tusq nut later, and she looks like this:




Wiring before pickup leads were soldered in (.22uF cap in bridge, .47uF cap in neck). Kind of a tight fit, so a little Dremel work and a bit of twisting of the pot positions, and voila:




Tuners (GFS Sperzel-type locking):




Due to having some of the parts laying around, I spent less than $100 to upgrade this guitar. Much of the cost was in the tuners and the Mean-90.


Now that I've set her up, she plays like a dream, stays in tune, and sounds great! She'll be added to my Juniors as a gigging guitar for when I need some 'bucker fat crunch or some of that syrupy neck P-90 goodness.


Even Adrian Smith approves :P :



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