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I've been looking for a 2x12 cabinet for too long now. I was looking at a Marshall 1936 however particle board construction kept me away. I've really been looking at jet city because of the build construction and the prices are very nice.


Anybody have much experience with Jet City?

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So your overall rating on them would be?


Depending on the JC cab....One I own is PB, but most cabs they make are real plywood.....I know they make a couple of well made 2X12 cabs, well priced....


Egnater makes some very nice 2X12 cabs as well......They can be found used for good prices.......My rating on both would be a 9 out of 10.....


Of course, the speakers inside them are a key ingredient.....Upgrades can be done with Webers for a good price......

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The Egnator Tourmaster 2x12 is a great cab, it very well made and big, but I didn't care for the speakers too much bass the Classic Lead 80's in it have been tweaked to give more bass. I have a VHT special 6 Ultra combo load with a VHT chrome back 12" 60 watt speaker that I like a lot I use that speaker with all my amp. I've been eyeballing the VHT Special 2x12 loaded with the same speakers, very well made cab all plywood, good price and can get it cheaper with those 15% GC/MF deals. I just picked up an empty 2x12 SEiSMIC AUDIO cab from Ebay all 1/2" plywood well made cab, not as good as the Egntor but a great price.

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Have you looked at Carvins too?

I have a 2x12 and 4x12 with castors on the latter one, and they are built solid.

You can spec what speakers you want too instead of their generic ones.



2x12 slant on sale for $329





4x12 in sale for $400.




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