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minuses? Yeah or neigh? With a poll.

Guest Farnsbarns

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This is generally my response to being "minused"...



In all seriousness, I really don't much care. If someone finds my post informative, useful, or helpful and they plus me up... well that's swell. If they take me down a peg? That insolent bastard! That's alright too.


Just a number to me, my self worth isn't based upon internet based approval.


I'd rarely find a use for it on the dealing end, if someone's being completely out of line (bigotry, belligerence, that sort of thing) then I might use the feature... but what's the point in that anyway?

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I voted: get rid, because I find a plus is just because you realy had to laugh hard or very strongly agree with a post or learned something new or appreciate a comment in a special way.

a negative is not good because it gives the OP no view on why something gets a minus. whole our life is a learning curve and an anonimous min point is no contribution for anyone.

a post, telling in a polite manner you disagree, is much more constructive.


My 2 cents

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