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Voicing a guitar..worth as read.


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That is one seriously excellent treatise. I found it enormously enlightening.


It also helps explain why the two very heavy sandings I did (1970, 2011) on the relatively thick 1968 top on my '48 J45 had so much impact on the tonal quality, as did changing to a non-adjsutable bridge and getting rid of the laminated bridge plate. These were all just intuitive actions on my part, but they paid off big time. Reducing top mass pays dividends.


Small changes can make big differences.

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Very informative. Thanks mersey. Many noteworthy points but of particular interest to me was John's repeated emphasis on the lack of correlation between the grade (appearance) of the wood and performance as a tonewood.


I hope you had a chance to read both the Voicing & Martin Myths.

The Huss & Dalton I bought I knew would not be much of a beauty or too impressive to look at but I was really after the essentials of the Brazilian/Ad tone which the shoppe owner liked on it.

It's average look is probably why it was very reasonably priced...(but still high for me these days)..

The Greven article made me understand its about the sound..& that you pay a whole lot for appearance.

: )

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This is one fulfilling run-through and thanx for posting. Many good facts, hints, theories and thoughts – the man has been there and done that, , ,

without fossilizing.

Among other sourses I will use this as a guide or even encyclopedia and check Mr. Grevens knowledge whenever a wise comment or angle is needed.

Another hep for bringing the book.




Btw. - Did anybody notice he doesn't mention bridge pins !? What do we tell the sage. . . .



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