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Hi. New to the forum. I have a 1979 Les Paul KM. The bridge pickup isn't working. I understand that the original pickups are similar to the '59 PAF's. Seeing that I play a lot of rock, pop, etc, what would be the best choices for a replacement. Also, does anyone know of replacement pickups that use a cream colored bobbin like the originals?


Thanks for your help!



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Hi and welcome.


Wiring fails more commonly than do p'ups. As well as checking the p'up's connections the wiring to the selector switch is often to blame for no signal. If you have access to a soldering iron I'd suggest testing all the wiring you can.


If the p'up IS faulty then your choices for a replacement are many! As I understand it all KMs came with a pair of exposed 'buckers. Nowadays DiMarzio have the patent for 'double whites / full creams' but there are literally hundreds of p'ups out there to choose from. In addition to the Burstbucker range, Gibson's own '57 Classic is highly regarded. Aftermarket-wise; Lindy Fralin, Jason Lollar, Seymour Duncan, Bareknuckle...all of these (and countless more) are excellent manufacturers.


P.S.......I, for one, would like to see a snap of the KM !





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