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How I ended up with LG-2, Custom Shop re-issue


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Hi guys,


United Kingdom newbie to the forum here, but long time player of Gibson electrics (LP Standard, and SG Standard)


I decided to pick up an acoustic so test drove a few different makes - Martin, Taylor, Gibson etc. After back and fro a bit, decided to concentrate on Gibson.


Ideally I was looking for something playable for blues / fingerpicking, but also versatile enough for the odd bit of strumming. I wouldn't be using the guitar on stage, so simply a play at home guitar, good enough for studio recording as well. I am, by no means, an acoustic expert - but just some personal observations for those that are interested. Initial focus was on the Blues King, but as a benchmark I decided to test out the J45 as reference. The dealer also had a newly made (well, June 2012 is on the checklist document) LG-2 custom shop. It was around the same money as the Blues King but also came with a hard case. I therefore managed to do side by side test of all three, for around one hour.



J45 was a great guitar, very good all rounder. Projection was great, tone was great. I am used to playing electrics though, so I found it kind of tough going for any single note blues type licks. This is probably more a reflection of my poor acoustic guitar skills though :) Blues King. Not quite as bad at strumming as i thought, but still a lot weaker in lower end than j45. Great guitar for fingerpicking / blues licks type, coming from electric i found it pretty easy to play generally. Great guitar with a very lively high end tone. Not sure what affect the bubinga vs mahogany has, but i presume its a lot less dark on low end to start with - plus ladder bracing, body size etc, all mean its noticeably poorer with strummed chords than j45. Its a great guitar for picking, fast single notes etc though and not too bad for strumming, frankly.


Lg-2. I had read somewhere before that its a "mini j45" so i was keen to test it out. I would say more its a definite cross between j45 and blues king, and finish on the neck was superb. Intonation was bang on, finish was immaculate and was built like a tank. Its a lot lot better and closer to the tone of j45 whilst strumming versus the blues king (i guess mahogany body, plus x-bracing?). The playability though for picking / blues licks is just as good for me (if not a bit better) than Blues King. To my mind though, its a hugely versatile guitar for my purposes - basically can deal with every type of acoustic music I will likely do. I cannot wait to hear how it records in the studio.


Maybe I was lucky with the particular model the dealer had in stock, but Custom Shop quality I thought was superb all around, and the LG-2 sounded spot on. Indeed the production models of j45 and blues king were v good too i thought- but the custom shop finish on neck most noticeably was brill. Maybe I was lucky with the particular piece though.


Very impressed with Gibson acoustics, generally. - both std production, and custom shop


I guess the particular model that I have is based on 1940s spec, but is there a particular year ? (1942, 1944 etc). Anyone have any further info on it at all, would be much appreciated?


Many thanks for reading ! :)

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Hi again,


Thanks for the kind welcome to the forum :)


I see the post it could be a Fullers re-issue, wonder how it ended up in the uk ? (maybe excess stock, but it seems to only be a june 2012 model (or so said the checklist) so not that "old" stock). Anyway, I am glad it made it here :) I played this for many hours last night, and will do so again tonight- am really liking the tone and general versatility Good thing I bought it straight away, as it seems to be the only one available in the uk,


Here are some pics, if you guys are interested:


Very snug fit Gibson standard good quality hard case "made in canada", blue fleece like lining, gold hinges. Nice and hard wearing (not that I plan on throwing it around or anything)




Neck was v similar to Blues King, body in between size of J45 and Blues King. Spuce top and mahogany back and sides. V nice (almost black) tobacco burst.... I personally like the lines of the guitar as well. Size also works really well for me lazing on sofa and jamming....





"Only a Gibson is good enough", after testing a lot of Martins and Taylors - it's a 1940s sentiment I have to agree with ;)





Hard to see in the photo but the binding and general finish is immaculate, photos don't do it justice





The "Custom' Orange Label - is it worth all that money?





and another logo on back of headstock (am loving the vintage tuners, btw)





I think i was lucky on this one - best neck i have played on an acoustic. I am used to electrics - les paul and sg, but i can still bend quite a bit with this guitar. Cannot wait to see how it sounds in the studio with a two mic set up (neck and body)...






Thanks for looking guys !

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That's a really nice re-issue, right down to the 19-fret board. I wish Gibson did that on all of these reissue-style guitars, as it exposes the entire sound hold rosette--minus the part covered by the pickguard, of course.


Also wish they would do away with that Custom Shop decal on an otherwise clean guitar.

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Your LG-2 CS is very nice indeed! I have played a couple of examples of the banner version re-issues, and a stellar "LG-1" too.


The LG-1 reissue was, I believe, a 2006 or so, and was adorned like a '50s version, but under the hood it was an LG-2, x-braced and all:



If yours sounds and plays like that one, you've got a great guitar. (But I like the banner styling of yours better.)



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I'm resurrecting this old thread because I don't do pics, and Fred's "LG-1 reissue" photo in the post directly above is the exact model I just purchased.  Wanted to share a little info on this one since it's such a rare & odd duck.

The guitar has a 2006 serial number, and per the COA that came with it, it's called "The Early '60s LG-1 Limited Edition", and states that it's from a "Limited Edition run of only 20 made for the USA in 2006."

Where it totally parts company with an LG-1, is the fact that it indeed has X-bracing - so for all intents & purposes, it's an LG-2 in LG-1 clothing.  The back & sides are solid mahogany, and the top is solid spruce.  The rectangular open-slotted bridge and batwing pickguard do follow early '60s form for this model, up until the belly-up bridge was introduced in 1962.  The neck profile is spot-on pre '65, as are the jumbo frets, both of which I happen to love.  There most likely are some floating around, but personally I've never handled another Montana-made acoustic with jumbo frets.

So for me, the instrument's playability is superb.  As for it's tone, this one matches up with the best LG-style bodies I've ever encountered.  I would describe it as dry, punchy, and well-throated for it's size.  And as icing on the cake, it came to me in near-mint condition, with just one tiny nick on the edge of the headstock, near one of the tuners.

It never ceases to amaze me how even though you think you're paying attention, every once in a while some obscure model pops up that you never heard of.  In this case, it's truly a little sweetheart!

Edit note:  The guitar also has a center-seam back brace, as seen on the LG-2 & LG-3.

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4 hours ago, Brocktoon said:

I also have this guitar, but, with the banner. I have only found this thread with any info on this specific guitar.  I was wondering if there was a know value to be claimed for insurance purposes?

Not sure about a Banner run but here is one of the 2006 run that sold on Reverb.  

Gibson Montana LG-1 Early 60's Limited Edition (rare) | Surly Monkey's Gitfiddle Gearstoreweb | Reverb

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4 hours ago, Brocktoon said:

I also have this guitar, but, with the banner. I have only found this thread with any info on this specific guitar.  I was wondering if there was a know value to be claimed for insurance purposes?

Insurance value would be based I would guess on a New cost.  

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2 hours ago, zombywoof said:

Not sure about a Banner run but here is one of the 2006 run that sold on Reverb.  

Gibson Montana LG-1 Early 60's Limited Edition (rare) | Surly Monkey's Gitfiddle Gearstoreweb | Reverb

The one in your link has had it’s orignal batwing pickguard replaced with a teardrop.  In addition to my above post from 2019 about this particular model, a couple of noteworthy points:  One of the few differences between this run of twenty LG-1s and a LG-2 is the single-layer binding on the top, which was typical of an LG-1.  Also, in a video with Tony P. (while still at Guitar Villa) where Ren talks about his time at Gibson, he mentions working on the tops of this limited run of LG-1s, and notes what nice guitars they are.  I wholeheartedly agree!

Re a banner version, that would be a different model from the one I’m referencing, and I am not familiar with it’s specific details.  That said, it looks like a good one!

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More confusion ....... LG1 = ladderbraced. LG2/3 = X braced.

Shows that the people making the guitars know what they doing but the ones naming them.........?

I do recall something about a post about Fullers getting custom LG2 Banner styles run, years back?





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