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Gibson Black beauty Neck

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Hi all,


I own a Gibson custom black beauty with gold hardware.


after suffering a fall, the guitar has significant damage behind the neck. (see attached picture)


I read that the neck and the body of the black beauty are joint together by a strong adhesive.


that means I can probably purchase a new neck.


Any of you know other ways of fixing this problem?


One more thing. I live in Pune, India. So if Gibson does fix these kinda of issues( which i found are quite a lot, on the internet), do I have to send the guitar to USA or is there a Gibson official repair available in India.


PLease reply ASAP guys. I'm sure people here will understand my depressed and desperate state.



Anand Altekar.

post-47107-056530100 1347440946_thumb.jpg

post-47107-073879600 1347440956_thumb.jpg

post-47107-025427000 1347440965_thumb.jpg

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what a drag...


and yea,, happens all the time, it's the most vulnerable area of a gibson..


but - there's some hope here.. I don't think you need to replace the neck.


Not sure what is available in Inida, but I would start to look for a "GOOD" luthier who is able to not only fix the break, but also repair the cosmetics.


where your guitar is black, I would think the finish repair would be quite doable.


but, again, stressing "find a GOOD repair guy" that can do both the neck glue job, (re-glue, clamp, let sit) and the cosmetic end of it.


A really good repair guy can make that 100%


I'm sure Gibson could help too, but I've no idea what that would cost you.


Bob from Gibson support is here often, may be he will cruise this topic and offer some advice.

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thanks for your reply.


Well I contacted Gibson repair and restoration.


I will be sending the guitar with my sister in law to california and they said they will take it from there.


They said, repair will cost me USD 700 where as replacing the neck will cost me USD 2000.


Well I need some opinions here.


In the long run,


What would be a better option? repair or replacement?


How much difference will it make to the sound of my guitar? will it create any intonation issues?


Will it create any action related issues?


Honestly, Owning a guitar this good and not having the playability I enjoyed before this accident will suck.


When they say repair, is refinishing the neck a given?


After searching the net, I've seen a lot of different people on different forums, from different countries having the SAME problem...the les paul fell and the neck damage is EXACTLY the same.


then I saw some luthiers who have worked on this issue and they have posted before and after picture.


In the "after" pictures, it looks as if the guitar had no damage at all.


But that just looks wise.. what about the sound?


Thanks for reading such a long post, but there are very few people here in India who can answer my questions.

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