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Are finish cracks bad in used LP Customs?


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i also posted this in another thread that I believe got buried.

Here is a guitar I'm considering


I really like it with the exception of the finish crack on the back. I will be checking out the guitar in a few days since it's local, but wondered how to tell if the crack was of any concern or just cosmetic. Being a newbie, I really dont' know if a wood crack is all that bad.

Thanks for any advice.

post-46908-036179600 1347573031_thumb.jpg

post-46908-006416000 1347573090_thumb.jpg

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It looks like a crack in the lacquer. The wood and lacquer expand and contract at different rates. Finish cracks or checking can occur when the instrument has gotten cold and then had the case opened in a warm environment.


Thanks for the feedback. I would assume a crack that goes all the way into the wood is uncommon on a LP Custom?

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Whereabouts in the USA do you live out of curiosity? Also what year is this guitar and how much are they asking for it $$ wise? jim at Tinker AFB Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Someone else didn't mind the finish crack and bought it before I could ! :-(

It WAS on craiglist for 2200. I guess we know the fair market value.

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