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pup ID help needed


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Hi Folks. I'm hoping somebody out there recognizes these. I bought them years ago, but don't have any label on the package. They are a humbucker in p90 size/format. They're 4 wire (white/brown/green/yellow) + ground, black plastic cover, a very slightly stippled top surface, 1 row posts/1 row adjustable poles, and probably most telling - a 3 hole mount with 2 holes being on one end on the corners, and the third hole being on the opposite end in the middle. They have no company name or model number, but they are marked Neck and Bridge with small white football shaped stickers on the metal back plate.


I had so many pups coming and going, I can't even begin to remember what they were. Any help in ID'ing them would be appreciated. Even a reference to other forums would be helpful.




Dave C.

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