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Help identifying a '65 ???


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so i believe this is my first post. normally i dont post as it has been covered somewhere else by somebody, but ive done a **** ton of searches to no avail.

i need some help identifying the model of this guitar. im not sure if its an olympic, coronet, willshire, ect...


the serial number is 302957 which is really hard to see because its been stamped into the back of the headstock or whatever. i believe it to be an olympic and the serial number dates it as made in 65 at kalamazoo if my memory serves me correct.


anybody have any info they could share with me on this bad boy? i inherited it when my father passed and it has seen a lot of shows by his hands and has a lot of history so id really like to learn as much about it as i can.


thanks, jeremy








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Seems to be an Olympic


here is more information...




i was thinking the same. thanks for the link, bud. the thing that kept throwing me off is i hadnt seen an olympic like mine with the wrap around bridge, 1 single coil, and the batwing headstock together on one guitar. ive actually never seen another like it. i doubt its something thats super rare, but more like something just sort of lost in time perhaps.

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Yeah definitely what you think it was. Lots of 60s solid bodies came with various options (2 pick ups, tremolo unit, no tremolo unit)


I recently bought a 62 Hofner Colorama and it has a Hofner Tremolo/Single Bridge PU/Tea Cup knobs. I've seen hundreds of 60s coloramas since and not one is exactly like mine. I have seen plenty of 60s olympics with single pick up and wrap around bridges so no need to worry. Lovely guitar too. I craved an olympic/coronet for years. Still not got my hands on one.

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Thanks Clark. Yeah I admire this guitar and I feel it's definitely worth getting your hands on one if you're a collector of vintage guitars. I wish I knew where one was to give you a lead, but the past time I saw one anywhere was guitar center Nashville a while back. They're hard to come by.


Is the Colorama the one that closely resembles a double cut les Paul?

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