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Silly Stuff you've made?


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Can be anything?


Okay, but remember.... you asked for it!


Let's say you have a broken pencil. What to do???


Below you will see a very nice piece of maple and a broken pencil.




Place the broken pencil into the groove and, using the slot as a guide, cut the end of the broken pencil off square. Repeat with the other piece.




Now using the groove in the maple, line the two pieces of pencil up and apply glue. Place the repair joint over the large hole in the maple, thus making sure the glue doesn't stick the pencil to the maple.




And you thought I was just another pretty face.

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It's not really silly, but I thought I'd share this. In the summer, I coach a 17-19 year old baseball team. Back in May, 2 weeks prior to the start of the season, the most talented player I've ever coached was tragically killed in an automobile accident. I made this video for his family and teammates.


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