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Open Mic Prank


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I thought that forum members might get a chuckle out of this. A little explanation first:


I used to own an informal guitar shop in which we installed a performance stage, sound system, lights, etc. and held weekly "Open Mic" nights

and a few small concerts.


One of the regulars who attended the Open Mic nights was "Nanci" who is featured in this video. Nanci, along with other solo performers, often asked the other person featured .. "Brian" ... to accompany them by playing some lead guitar parts to their songs.


Brian is a great guy and an excellent musician. He is also well known as a practical joker with a well developed sense of humor. The night of this Open Mic, my associate and I decided to play a prank on Brian. I am running the sound board. My associate, Rick, is hidden in a small room where he can see the stage but can't be seen himself. We equipped his guitar with a wireless transmitter to the sound board.


We set this up ahead of time with Nanci and asked her not to stop playing and singing regardless of what happened. There were also about 30 people in the audience who were "in" on the prank. Brian didn't have a clue.


Watch Brian's facial expressions during this video. The audience is laughing, but he can't figure out why or what was going on until the end. You can also view it directly on YouTube at:




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