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Epiphone Billie Joe Signature Les Paul Junior?


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Preaching to the choir here haha I've been asking that same question for a while :P


But seriously, I think it'd be an awesome guitar. Most people that like Green Day are not able to afford a Gibson quality instrument, so why make a guitar that's totally out the fan bases' price range. Personally, Green Day inspired me to play music.

When I was 13 and first picked up a guitar, I wanted to be the next Billie Joe Armstrong. At that time, he was still playing on his Stratocaster. I couldn't afford a Fender at the time, so I bought a Squier Affinity Strat and did the best I could to make it sound like Billie Joe's. The only difference was he played on Fernandes and Fender instruments and I played on Squier (and the color was an difference, since his was blue and mine was red).


My point with that little story though is that their fan base is made up kids who are just learning how to play guitar (for the most part). Instead of making a $1,200 instrument that no kid can afford, they should make a $400-$500 version as well for the kids who want a similar sound but can't afford the Gibson. They did it with the Tom Delonge signature (Epiphone has a model now) and I'm seeing the Epiphone model everywhere amongst new guitarist, but I've yet to see the Gibson model anywhere but on a store shelf.


I agree with you. An Epiphone model would probably prevail and sell a lot of copies.


They at least need to bring back the double cutaway Les Paul Jr in TV yellow. Then we can add the P-90 (or H-90 as Billie Joe uses) and customize the guitar ourselves.

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Hmmm, I don't think there ae any DCs in production at the moment. but I reckon you can hunt out some bargains on the second hand circuit....


check out this ebay dc with P90s ... No, it's not a Billy Joe model, But I am willing to bet BJ would approve lol


evil bay link

That's a pretty nice axe! Would it ship to the US? Personally, I don't care if it's a "Billie Joe" model per se, I just want a d/c les paul (or jr). The ones Gibson sells (brand new) are pretty pricey. I've seen them anywhere from $1,500 to over $2,000. That's why I'm considering the Billie Joe model. It's a LP Jr D/C with a H-90 Humbucker. They go for about $1,200. Better than $2,000 in my opinion.


Epiphone should consider bringing that guitar back into print (especially in TV Yellow) though. I'm sure it'd sell like a wildfire. I own their single cut Les Paul Jr and I love it. It's simple but very effective. Or maybe make them like a "special order" guitar. As long as it stays within a decent price range of course.


I've considered buying a Hamer version, but the only thing that's stopped me is how thick their necks are. It's like carrying around a battle axe (well I guess if you play the right kind of music, it could very well be one haha).

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