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Hot or not? Les Paul Custom


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Had this les paul custom for a few years now, didn't use it at all after the headstock broke and was occupied to repair it for a long time. After paying a visit to the guitar store, I got the headstock fixed and had a Phat cat placed in the neck and a p90 rail in the bridge. : D


Please don't stomp me for painting that rose on

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I think it's a pretty swell looking guitar (especially if you've already got the head fixed).


And as far as the rose, to each their own. That's the beauty of playing guitar, you can develop your own style out of it. It's your art, and if you wanna add the rose to your guitar to make it stand out then do it. It looks good anyways (I thought you bought it like that anyways before I read you added it on).


Keep rockin'

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