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Here is a quote from the latest issue of Guitar Player magazine.


"In my view, you can recognize guitar players who play a strat more readily than you can those who play Gibsons..."

David Gilmour


I can understand that to a point



Clapton - later years

Beck - later years






He did go on to say that "it is nice to play something else occasionally, like my goldtop Les Paul with those old single-coil P-90s.


What do you think? Are there a bunch of Gibson players with an instantly recognizable sound?



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I think that a lot of Gibson players have a true distinctive sound think of Duane, Warren and all the heavy bluesy rockers out there.


Axe your new Avatar looks disturbingly like my 18 year old when she is performing and adding insult to injury I showed her the post with your photo trying to tease her, she just smiled and said it's so cool you guys still play guitar and talk about music at your ages.

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I think it's true that generally Strats have a little more instantly recognizable tone. Especially on the neck and neck/middle pickup settings. It's hard to describe sound, but it's a very round or spongy type sound to me.


IMO, Gibson also has a distinctive sound, especially if it isn't treated with too much artificial gain. I hear it in players like all the Allman Bros guitarists, Paul Kossoff, and yes Slash. I've said it before, but a LP overdriving a good tube amp gets a sound that reminds me of a horn. Think "Allright Now" or even "25 Or 6 To 4" leads. "25 or 6 To 4" might be using an ES335 or something similar, but it has that distinctive Gibson honk IMO.

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A lot more people to tend to favor an LP over a strat, especially for recordings. However, what a person uses for a rig and effects, choice in settings, etc will definatly give them more of a unique sound. Nowadays everyone kind of sounds the same because there's almost a 'standard' rock guitar sound. It's how one specific player loses their sounds and identity.

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