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replace tuner buttons


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The originals are silver? aka nickel or chrome plated.


Is there a screw on the top of the button? This could release the button.. and the whole shaft/ gear assembly, so be careful of loose parts.


After removing you can get a sense of the shape of the shaft where the button is installed. If there is no screw, this likely, metal button is part and parcel with the shaft, i.e. cast as one piece and button only replacement is not possible.


Press fit buttons are usually of a plastic variety. Removal can entail, heating the shaft to the point the current button softens in the area of the shaft, or just breaking it up with pliers. Heating for removal, does give you a sense for how hot is hot enough. Installation of new buttons is the reverse. Heat the shaft to the point that the button, in the area of the shaft hole softens so it can be shoved on. Remove heat, the hold the button until it cools. The soft plastic should form to the shaft, making a tight fit. Not a chore for someone not familiar with heating devices. The shaft needs to be heated 'just hot enough' Too hot and more of the button will melt than you want, distorting the beautiful button. Order extra buttons if this is your first try.

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