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Guys I need help, for a famous dude.


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Right, firstly, I apologise for not being around for a while. But yeah, I need help.


Al Atkins, the founder of Judas Priest who is my best friend, is 65 in october. I found out somthing. He has DREAMT of owning a Les Paul all his life.

We have a fund of 1000gbp. Now, I have no idea what model to go for, however I do know Al well, no scratch plate, nice wood and kickass pups.


Can sombody suggest somthing?

Personally I would go for a Zack Wyle but hmm ok open to suggestions.

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Well, If he's wanted one his whole life he likely has something particular in mind. Talk to him and see what more you can weasel out of him. What did he like about it? What player did he see that made him want to own one? Stuff like that.





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Well, If you want a Les Paul, 9 times out of 10 you'd want the Les Paul. The classic cherry sunburst '58 that's responsible for at least half the best guitar tones in rock music history.

So I'd say look for a nice looking sunburst, preferably an old one that might not be weight relieved, and if the pickups aren't amazing, put some Bare Knuckle "The Mule"s in there.

Would make me pretty happy anyway [biggrin]

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Hey Chrisdude is has been a long time, but good to see ya.


The only advice I have is to go out and play them yourself - if you buy it because it sounded great he will appreciate the time you took to hand pick the right one. Remember, you can always take the pickguard off.

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Yup I second that.. For £1000 your talking a LP Studio.. that are Great guitars




then theres the BFG.. which is one of the most unique Les Pauls ever made.. Rough and ready



another great Studio here



How about a double cut?



or the new 2012 Studios with push/pull knobs for coil tapping that come in some funky colours




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