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Is this hummingbird fake?

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I've been wanting to get a Gibson Hummingbird for a while and found this online for a really good price. I'll attach a URL to the posted pictures. Is there any way to tell whether it's fake? I'm weary of buying online but it's such a great deal. Thanks for any help.



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The pick guard not matching the hole has me a little concerned. I have 1996 and it's pick guard closely follows sound hole curve. (you can see mine in a nearby post)I dunno about newer models though


Thanks for the response. I saw yours. It's beautiful. Looks like you got the deal of the century.

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I think the pick-guard 'issue' might be a paralax issue.


It may look better and appear to more accurately follow the

curve of the sound hole if was not viewed at such an oblique angle.

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Alright I jumped in and got it. Thanks again for your help. First thing I'm doing when it arrives is taking it to a Gibson dealer to ensure its authenticity. If not, my search for a Hummingbird will continue. Cheers!


You are safe on its authenticity, but get it checked for

anything that might need attention. It does look in top condition though.

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My guitar arrived tonight and I've been playing it non-stop since it came. It's my favorite guitar I've ever played. Feel like I got a great deal on it as well ($2,400, new on eBay). Thanks again for answering my questions. I'm taking it to a Gibson Dealer tomorrow but I definitely know it's real.


I created a photo-bucket thingy to share the pics. Thanks again...



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