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Epiphone guitar factory in Czech Republic


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Weve all probably see the Gibson factory tours and it seems that theres none of the Asian factory tours available.. But I did come across this.. are they still going??


After the collapse of communism, a village in the Czech Republic started producing one of America's most famous musical instruments, the Les Paul Standard electric guitar. The factory began making the guitars for markets outside the USA under a deal with Epiphone of Nashville, Tennessee, a division of Gibson. The Czech businessmen who put together the arrangement had acquired to former state company through privatisation.



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Not that new for us 'Epi-Guys' [flapper]


No, they don't produce Epis any more, they only did for a short time back in the 90s


Those Czech made Epis are mostly 'high quality' rated - and have been sold mostly in

Europe, you can recognize them by the Serial starting with 'B' which sometimes get mixed with an '8'


I don't know of videos from their asian factories - but pics are on the web....




Epiphone QingDao factory ^^




Gibson QingDao factory ^^


Both links seem to be from a Japanese retailer..

Thanks for that info.. I guess I should pass by the Epi lounge more often.. :) (I just dont own one so cant comment on most of the guitar discussions )..


and I did come across this... They say in the description that this company make guitars for all sorts of companies including Gibson, but im not sure I believe that.


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