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Sheraton 2 Stock Strings

Blues guy7

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Hey folks -


I am ecstatic to join the Epi Sheraton Club, just picked up one for myself (vintage sunburst) along with a Ebony Sheraton for my father.


Simply cannot gush enough about both these guitars, awesome.


Quick question for those in the know


The Ebony was an off the wall purchase, strings are old, not really worn in but defiantly old and a little loser as the burst came right out of the box. Appear to be 10's……..


What are the Stock Strings used on the Sheratons? And……although I know its all personal choice what would you Sheraton usres recommend for strings?


I usually used Dean's on all my other guitars ranging from 9's to 11's, but I really want to maintain the acoustic resonance of the Sheraton and I dont think Dean's might not give that to me?


Any advice is most welcome!!!!

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