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05' Studio-Replacement Parts


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I just got a Gibson LP Studio 2005 Red Wine with Gold Hardware for $799 @GC.


She is in great condition as far as the body, neck and head go. The finger board seem un-used and the inlays seem spanking new. The tuners and knobs all seem new also.

The only damage besides basic scratch lines, is an extremely small dent on her back, and a little chipping on the head's corner, both are minimal and aren't worth noting.



Cosmetically is what I want to restore. As you can see those mounting rings are in ok condition but the screws are rusted, and the pick guard is worn out, and the bridge has rubbed off on the left side. The pickups still have a great sound even if they are scratched up. If I keep her I will probably upgrade them to Tommy Iommi pickups or Angus Young in the future.



I am not 100% sure on what materials my guitar has, I don't even know the pickups or the wood, I am just assuming I do.


What I need to know is which replacement parts to get. I want the mounting rings to put around my pickups(with new screws) and a new pick guard. Then of course its a matter of finding out what are the best strings to put on her.





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