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Is This Archtop a Real Gibson??


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Hi everyone I found a archtop for sale but I'm not sure if it is real or not. I might just be paranoid but I thought I would post the pics and see if anyone spotted any red flags. I noticed a few things, but I'm not sure if they were really problems or just indicators of the guitars age.


It is priced below, $500

There is no 'crown' logo on the headstock.

The "i" in the Gibson logo looks like it is dotted lower than most other guitars.

It looks like there is a pickup selector at the normal location and on the upper horn.

Is there a series of archtops that say "Classic" on the truss rod cover?


Here are some pics.

post-47258-047348100 1348029170_thumb.jpg

post-47258-036899600 1348029181_thumb.jpg

post-47258-091014400 1348029200_thumb.jpg

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I'll let the experts chime in, but it looks bogus to me. In addition to the things you mention, as JimR56 noted, the body doesn't look right--the cutaways are the wrong shape for it to be an ES-330, 335, 345, etc. It also looks like it has white bindings on the F holes. I've never seen that on an ES-330, 335 or 345. The headstock shape doesn't look right either.

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