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Epi LP Studio Deluxe AW Limited Edition?


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Congrats on the new and very nice guitar! Pics?


I would like to know how many of them were produced because it says "Limited Edition?

As many as they can sell.


When an Epi says limited edition or custom shop it is because it is not a standard run. (ie: there is no real

Epiphone custom shop)

Either the guitar is changed from the standard model and they will run it for a year, two or three....or...

It was a special run ordered for a year, two or three by one of the larger dealers.

The red P-90 special with 2 volume 2 tone and a set neck in my avatar is a good example. (It was available for

about 3 years)


To the best of my knowledge they have been producing the Limited Edition Studio for at least the last 2 years.

Very classy looking studio.

The standard edition has the open pickups, dots on neck instead of trapezoid markers and Grover tuners.

The current standard edition is also only available in a faded finish.

They could stop producing the limited edition any day or they may make them for years to come...Who knows?



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I am quite satisfied with it (always keep the low price in mind, here in Germany it cost me 265 Euro which is about 344 $). The craftmanship is OK but there are some minor flaws. There are some notches at the edges of the fretboard and the volume/tone knobs are badly centered so I replaced them with the amber colored "witch hats". On one edge of the fretboard theres some spray of the white finish on it.

The finish itself is flawless and Paula looks awesome in white with the golden PUs, tailpiece etc. I also like that they used the vintage machineheads with the greenish colored heads. (reminds me of snot but I like it :)

There was no need to adjust something (string height, tross-rod), just tuning and start playing.

When it comes to playing the guitar I am very pleased. I also own a Epiphone SG and (for me) the Les Paul is far better in handling especially when sitting.

The tone is full and rich with good overtones and a very good sustain (I am using it with a small Marshall MG-2 CFX for practicing).

I would say Epiphone should check the chinese QA because they are doing a bad job. If I was a Quality Assurance Manager I wouldn't have let this Paula get through the QA.

post-47290-063001500 1348282024_thumb.jpg

post-47290-042898700 1348282037_thumb.jpg

post-47290-095215100 1348282048_thumb.jpg

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